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Deep.. and inviting...

How fast do you make these tunes? D:<

It took me a year to produce the FOUR songs I have now. AGH

Well, anyways, this is my favorite dubstep EVER. The piano just adds to deep melody... it's a great piece. I wouldn't be surprised if you reached the top five audio again... cause didn't your "Level up?" song make it there?

Or4nges responds:

EVER? That's an honor if i've ever seen one :P Glad you like it so much! I'm planning on saving the finished version until i'm absolutely sure i've made it as good as it can be, so expect this guy to get better lol.

As for top 5, you're right. Level Up made it there! Hopefully one day i'll get it again, but we'll see.

Keep at you're music dude, if you've got any questions lemme know, i'll be glad to help!

Made in FL?

I can tell by the drums, basically the hi-hats :P

Anyways, pretty good.

The only thing I don't like about it is the moment when the bass goes REALLY high, around 0:31 and at the end of the loop. The drums maybe are just a little bit to.. loud? But other than that, great work!

DJ-Corey-X responds:

I'll work on the levels :)
And yep the drums are from the Legacy pack and sequenced in FPC :)


I was dancing to this and my brother was freaked out. xD
Anyways, great song! Totally worth not knowing the lyrics lol.

The beat is great... I have no other way to explain it.
Thanks for uploading this, and congratz on the top 5! :D

kirja100 responds:

Thank you!
Thank you!


This is AWESOME!

Very dramatic feeling, I love it! :D

I don't get it..

Why is this Rated SO LOW!?!?!

Well, I guess haters gunna hate, huh?

Great piece, I loved it :D

I can hear..

Some patterns and sounds that sounds that sound like JasonHorecky would make, and most definitely sounds you would make. I'm impressed once again! Great work.

By the way, what do you use to make you music? I wanna know! :D

Or4nges responds:

Glad you like it man!

We both use FL Studio. It's one of the more straight-forward DAW's out there, although it still takes forever to learn. Highly recommended :D


Lovin' the beat.

It's great, I'm very impressed with your work!

Or4nges responds:

Thanks man! much appreciated.


Can't wait for the extension! :D

I really love this, it's really happy! Happyness. :3

I laugh

Every time I hear this.

Good job :3

I have no idea..

How long it took me to find this!
This song is amazing! I don't know why it's only rated 4.37, and not 99999.

It really deserves it!



SUB4RU responds:

Thanks, it's not such a bad score considering it has had 577 votes! :)

- BeefourMusic -


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